Loestrin Birth Control Pill

Published: 18th October 2006
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Loestrin Birth Control Pill is a type of oral contraceptive. These pills contain two female hormones estrogen and progestin. But if its exposure is high, estrogen can be somewhat harmful for your body. These pills generally contain 30 to 50 microgram of estrogen. But Loestrin Birth Control Pill has only 20 microgram of estrogen. These pills are most suitable for the women in forties.

It works like other birth control pill, and prevents pregnancy by stopping the release of egg.

Like other pills Loestrin birth control pills also come in 21 days pack and 28 days pack. Both types are recommended for a day 1 start. It is advisable that you must start taking the pill from the first day of your menstrual period. You can also take it on day 5 or from the first Sunday of your period. Here it is mentioned that the first day of your menstrual bleeding will be treated first day.

• In this pack you will get 21 active pills. 

• Take one pill daily at the same time for 21 days. Then no pill for seven days. During these seven days you will have your menstrual period.

• You have to immediately start a new pack just after seven days of no pill time.

• In this pack you will get 28 pills out of which 21 active pills and 7 pills without hormone, which is also called reminder pills.

• After labeling the pack by selecting appropriate day label strip, start taking the pill from first tablet (where you see "Start" word). Then on the consecutive day take one pill daily from left to right.

• You will have your menstrual flow during the last seven days of taking pills.

• Start a new pack just from the next day of end of the first pack i.e., after 28 days.

• It is simple in use.

• It is inexpensive.

• Using these pills you will have a less menstrual bleeding.

• These pills provide you regular menstrual bleeding.

• These pills are so low that it has almost nil side effects.

• These pills do not give you protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including AIDS/HIV. So, it is strongly recommended to use latex condoms along with these pills.

• If you do not start the pill within 6 days of your menstrual period or after 6 days of abortion, it will be effective from the next month only.

Points to keep in mind
• Read the instructions on the pack carefully. Make it clear whether it is 21 or 28 days pack.

• Make sure where to start. It will help you to remember the days.

• You should take a back up method of birth control such as latex condoms for the first 7 days of first month of taking pills.

• If you are on certain medication you must take advice of your doctor regarding taking pills.

Overall, Loestrin birth control pills are taken the same way as other pills. However these pills are NOT recommended for perimenopausal woman suffering from heart diseases, breast cancer or have a history of deep blood clots.

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