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Published: 13th December 2006
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Birth control methods have been used by women since ages. They have used herbs to control fertility. Family planning has always been widely practiced by men and women since ages. The difference is that in early times people used birth control methods that were risky and caused death to a number of women. They were dangerous and ineffective. But today they involve less risk with it.

Today medical science has endowed women with various choices when it comes to birth control such as "the pill", Norplant capsules, Depo-Provera, the female condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, intrauterine device (IUD) and sterilization. Most of these alternatives are convenient and easy and women do not face many problems. But there are various medications, supplements and other substances that have been said to worsen high blood pressure (hypertension). And few women do have serious problems when no proper advice is taken from the medical provider. The birth control methods especially the pills can cause migraines, yeast infections, vitamin deficiencies, ectopic pregnancies and change in moods. There are few serious problems also associated with it such as increased risks for cardiovascular disease and cancer. As a result some women are going for something natural, for something that has no chemicals, no side effects and a surprisingly low risk of pregnancy.

Years back abstinence that is having no sexual intercourse was practiced by many. They did have sex when they wanted but kept them away from having sex during the days of ovulation in a woman. They called it the "rhythm cycle". A woman would know that she is most likely to get pregnant by observing her own body and menstrual cycle. This method is still used in today's modern world known as FAM (fertility awareness method) that help women to know when ovulation is coming and is likely to get pregnant and as such refrain from sexual intercourse. Although such technique is not dangerous it is not 100 % effective. But there are some old methods that cause great damage and can even cause death.

In third world countries where use of contraceptives is not common, people use methods that are dangerous and ineffective. They also use herbal supplements for birth control that might have severe side effects. Although not all herbal birth supplements are harmful yet there is some risk associated unless one does not have complete knowledge about it. The use of natural supplements which has some extracts from plants does not mean that they are 100% safe. Such natural supplements can cause some allergies and other problems. Therefore it is always recommended to go for the modern methods of birth control and if you opt for natural method then there should be complete knowledge of the natural supplement. You should be aware of the risk factors associated with it and should not be used blindly.

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